Write And Erase Big Tab Durable Plastic Dividers, 3-hole Punched, 8-tab, 11 X 8.5, White



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Get your binder organization on the right track with these Durable Plastic Write-On Dividers. The stylish tab design offers plenty of room for you to label each divider for reference at a glance. Stylishly shaped Big Tab™ Dividers are larger, providing 50% more writing space than standard tabs. Using your ballpoint pen or pencil, you can customize your dividers easily. To reuse, simply erase your previous label and write in the new one. Use the Corner Lock™ With Expandable Pocket or slash pockets for storage. Plastic dividers also available in large 11" x 17" and mini size. You'll be on the road to better organization with these dividers.

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