Pathways Heavyweight Oval Platters, 8.5 X 11, Green-burgundy, 125-pack



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Moisture resistance, grease resistance and dry and wet rigidity make Dixie Ultra® Heavy-Weight Paper Platters the right choice for the heaviest, messiest foods you serve. The unique structure and multi-layer coatings give these disposable platters their strength, while the Soak-Proof Shield™ helps keep moisture and grease from leaking through. The Pathways® design matches other Dixie Ultra® paper plates, platters, bowls and cups to create an attractive, coordinated look. Dixie Ultra® Heavy-Weight Paper Plates, Platters and Bowls are ideal for foodservice and special events, and because they're cut-resistant, microwave-safe plates, they also come in handy in kitchens and breakrooms.

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